Monday, February 13, 2012

Collaborating with me on Charlie's Digs

We are in the second year of Charlie’s Digs. I want to pause to thank both The News and readers for the success of this column. I appreciate and enjoy the feedback I receive, never tiring of the excitement of seeing the column in print each Tuesday. My customary venue is speaking/telling stories in the classroom or at archeological and historical sites, museums, in Mesoamerican craftpeoples’ workshops, off the beaten path or on board a bus as I lead study trips. Although also rewarding, it is by nature fleeting. Charlie’s Digs allows me to put those ideas and stories down on paper. It is a journey made easier with encouragement and the assistance of friend/colleague Carol Hopkins.

Carol is a Cuernavaca resident and former school administrator. We’ve co-taught courses for the University of Minnesota’s Mexico program, and together have planned and led group study tours. From the beginning, Carol has been an important part of Charlie’s Digs in myriad ways: encouraging me to do it, choosing topics, researching, fact checking, editing, and helping to write the column. In recognition, Carol’s name will appear as collaborator.

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